British Waxed Cotton Dog Collar in Chestnut - UK Handmade

British Waxed Cotton Dog Collar in Chestnut - UK Handmade

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Our waxed cotton dog collars are made from 100% Waxed Cotton manufactured in the United Kingdom. 
Presented in a chestnut finish the fabric will age over time adding to the natural beauty of the material.

All brass hardware and additional stitching provides strength and durability for a collar that will last.

Available in the following sizes:
Small – 20mm wide, 10"-14"
Medium Narrow – 20mm wide, 12"-16"
Medium Wide – 25mm wide, 12"-16"
Large – 25mm wide, 16"-20"
XLarge – 25mm wide, 18"-22"
XXLarge – 25mm wide, 20"-24"

Our waxed cotton collars can not be machine washed, to clean use a warm damp cloth to remove any dirt our residue. Detergents should not be used.

Before leaving our workshop each collar and lead is re-waxed to ensure all seams are protected. Re-waxing is recommended every 6-8 months to help keep your collar and lead looking good and water repellent.

Your pet’s collar is your responsibility, therefore we suggest that you check the collar regularly for general wear and tear.

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