Coat Saver - Malted Purple 8-9"

Coat Saver - Malted Purple 8-9"


Malted Purple, 2 inches wide, to fit head size 8-9inches.

Our fabric hair saver collars are padded and lined with satin to ensure they move freely around the dogs neck. They are great for dogs with long coats whose hair needs some additional protection such as Poodles and Afghans but also work well with long necked dogs such as Whippets who benefit from the added padding for their delicate necks.


Each collar is made to to fit snugly over the widest part of the dogs head. The measurements indicated is labelled number 2 on the picture showing where to measure your dog. You must measure your dog so that the tape fits snug around the widest part of their head.


If you have any questions please contact us to disscus.

All collars can be washed on a cool cycle within a washing machine, once washed they would be re-shaped and left to air dry.
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