Denim with Yellow Stitching - Brass Buckle

Denim with Yellow Stitching - Brass Buckle

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Our denim collars are wrapped around a webbing core. These collars are very tough and durable and can be machine washed. 

Each collar is individual due to variations in the pattern and colouring of the denim. Fitted with a heavy duty buckle and d-ring these collars will last and are perfect for the dog who needs a tough wearing collar. 

Available in the following sizes:
Small – 20mm wide, 10"-14"
Medium Narrow – 20mm wide, 12"-16"
Medium Wide – 25mm wide, 12"-16"
Large – 25mm wide, 16"-20"
XLarge – 25mm wide, 18"-22"
XXLarge – 25mm wide, 20"-24"

Please note that there  maybe variations to the colour shown.

Your pet’s collar is your responsibility and therefore suggest that you check the collar regularly for wear and tear.

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