The Guitar Pick - Dog and Cat Tag, Hand Stamped Pet ID Tag

The Guitar Pick - Dog and Cat Tag, Hand Stamped Pet ID Tag


Hand-stamped Dog ID Tags. 27x25mm

Our ID tags are handcrafted in our small studio in Chester, Cheshire. All tags are cut from sheet metal using a piercing saw. 

A choice of Copper, Aluminium or Brass is available.

The Pick Tag is hand-stamped to include the owner's details and pets name or phrase. The letters are blackened and then our tags are polished and finished with a coating of renaissance wax.

Owner details to be provided include: House Number, Postcode, Surname and Phone Number. 

Please ensure you confirm the information to be provided on the front of the ID Tags, orders where no information is provided will be supplied blank.

Tags are made to order so please allow up to 7-10 working days for dispatch.

Due to the nature of materials used our tags will pathina over time, our renaissance wax will help delay this process, however we do recommend regular polishing with a soft polishing cloth.

Please note tags are hand finished, no machines are used in the making or finishing of the tags therefore slight imperfections are to be expected.

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